When is the best time to take Senior photos in Denver? It seems like before you know it your High School Senior in Denver is starting classes. All of a sudden you get a notice that your photos are due for the year book in ONE MONTH! The fall months fly by, and a week or two into classes you find out the yearbook the deadline is October, which is really common! You’re now rushing, looking for the perfect photographer who also still has openings in the middle of peak Colorado leaf peeping season! We all know how crazy that time gets here. So, after all that being said, when IS the best time to take your Senior Photos in Denver, or even Senior photos in Boulder?

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The Best time of Year to take Senior Photos in Boulder or Denver

One of the big questions here: When is the best time of year to take Senior Portraits in Denver? The long and short of my recommendation- Summer. Summer is perfect because as a rising senior in Denver, you’re thinking about college applications but aren’t buried under a stack of them yet. You also don’t (usually) have any school to worry about, so you can devote a whole day of getting ready. You can go shopping in Cherry Creek to find your perfect Senior Portrait outfits (yes, that is plural) for your Denver senior photos, getting your hair and makeup professionally done or playing some basketball with friends to relax. Summer nights are longer, which gives you a perfect opportunity to stay out and enjoy the evening sun for some amazing glowing photos. No need to rush to catch the sunset after school.

The Best time of Day to take Denver Senior Portraits

As a natural light photographer in Denver, I specialize in sunset Senior photography sessions in Denver. This golden evening light, or even those amazing clouds on overcast days, are the best in the evenings about an hour before sunset. This is ideal for mountain view sessions or if you want an open field for those Sound of Music vibes. Interested in taking more urban shots downtown? Downtown Denver Senior Photos are best done a little earlier, about 1.5-2 hours before sunset.

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The Best Places to take Senior Portraits in Denver

So, you’ve decided to take your Senior Photos in Denver? Or maybe you even want to venture out more and take your Senior Photos in Boulder. There are so many amazing places that are a short drive away, with beautiful Denver mountain views or stunning downtown Denver views for the urban vibe. These locations are all about you and what fits YOUR personality.

Let’s start with Mount Falcon Denver Senior Portraits. Mount Falcon is a beautiful location in Jefferson County with amazing mountain views for your senior photos in Denver. If you choose this location, make sure your photographer has a permit for taking photos here! Like many parks and open spaces in Denver, photography permits are necessary! This location sports a variety of options with varied backgrounds so your senior photos in Denver are full of beautiful views at an epic location.

Another option to give you urban Denver senior portrait vibes is the RINO area around Denver Central Market. Here is beautiful artwork that is prominent in the RINO area and gives bold, colorful, beautiful images and gives a pretty epic downtown Denver Senior portrait photoshoot.

Maybe you’re closer to Boulder, or love the Boulder vibes? The most iconic place for Boulder Senior photos is The Flatirons. These beautiful, rugged mountains can be seen for miles while driving down 36 into Boulder. They are the classic image when people think of Boulder. Do you want your senior portraits in Boulder to be iconic? Then this location is for you!

Let’s make them fun!

The dreaded text when your mom says she booked you senior photos in Denver. Your heart sinks. But really, they aren’t bad at all, I PROMISE. I create a playlist curated specifically for you and your favorite music. You’ll feel confident, excited, and ultimately enjoy your senior photos in Boulder (if you choose to go the Flatirons route)! We laugh, we joke, we talk about college, sports, or your favorite Netflix binge show right now (because I guarantee I’ve seen it too). Ultimately, I’m here to capture your personality and senior portraits in Denver that are all about you. Bring your soccer ball, your guitar, or your girlfriend and we’ll have a blast capturing memories of you. Want to reach out to talk more about your senior portraits? You can contact me here!

When to take Denver Senior Photos

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