A Golden Sunset Session

A big question I get from clients is about the best time for a Boulder outdoor photoshoot. I spend the majority of my time doing outdoor photo sessions in Boulder or Denver, and light is a huge factor in how your photos turn out. We all want the beautiful mountain views that make for epic photo backdrops, where you can see the beauty of Colorado and have keepsake quality images. As mainly an outdoor photographer in Boulder who wants those same, beautiful mountain photos for all my clients, the sun is my best friend, as you can see in these beautiful golden sunset motherhood sessions.

When I am booking a family outdoor photo session in Boulder or Denver, the sun determines everything! I schedule my sessions for an hour before sunset to have that golden light you can see in these beautiful images. This can be tricky though, as it changes throughout the year. As you probably know, a Colorado summer photoshoot can end up being late in the evening. You can check out this sunset tracker that I use to determine the time for my sessions, even when scheduled months in advance.

Boulder sunset photo session with a mother holding her baby in a field

Meals and bed times can make chasing a Colorado sunset tricky. Nobody wants a cranky kid during photos, and you have prepared a lot for this day. My biggest advice here is to plan a laid back day in Boulder, a casual picnic in Chautauqua Park and a long nap and a big snack before your photo session. Then bedtimes can be adjusted a bit for this epic evening of photos to capture Colorado’s beautiful landscape and maybe even a breathtaking sunset for your Boulder outdoor photoshoot.

The beautiful, golden sunset photos you see here are why I schedule my outdoor photoshoots in Boulder for right before sunset. Your day might be a little off from your normal schedule, or in summer you might have a late bedtime for the little ones. But for one evening, these beautiful, epic photos make it all worth it! And you’ll make some fun memories and get some sweet snuggles along the way from your little ones.

So, what do you think? Are you up for a golden sunset photoshoot in Boulder? Reach out to snag your session here.

The Best Time for a Boulder Outdoor Photoshoot

a sunset outdoor photoshoot with a mom snuggling her babies in a field
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