Meet  Me

This journey as a photographer and business owner started as many do, with a love of capturing images of my own children and my desperate attempt to preserve their little-ness. But from that desire it has blossomed into so much more- a desire in me to take in each day, each moment, each sweet snuggle, each kiss — and cherish them deeply.

Along with it came a realization that we aren’t promised forever, and all these small moments add up to everything. I go into each day (trying) to view my life, my time, and my children through this lens, and bring along this same lens to my sessions. I spend my days with my camera nearby, watching my three kids grow into beautiful, amazing people that have me laughing and crying daily.

As a family, we love to camp, hike, garden, and cook together and on any given day you’ll find us spending most of our time outside. I start each day with a warm vanilla latte made by my husband, and love to end the day with his homemade sourdough bread and a warm meal around the table together.

A little bit more about me… I’m a Florida gal born and raised, but my heart has always been in the mountains. I grew up with a love for camping and hiking (and if you know anything about Florida, I was in the VERY wrong place). After graduating from the University of Florida in nursing, I worked in the NICU taking care of the tiniest babies and it eventually brought me to Colorado. I continued to work as a (pregnant) nurse through covid, and I found my cup dry. I went into nursing with a deep desire to truly see, help, and serve patients and I was left instead with a strong sense of dread and apathy whenever I went into the hospital. Being a nurse changed, and with that change came a deep desire in me to go back to the heart behind my work, to truly see people where they were. It led me to make the life changing leap into my art.